Presentations, Abstracts & Video Recordings

The presentation slides, abstracts and video recordings are available through the symposium programme. Only presentations and video recordings are available for those presentations where permission was received.

Abstracts and PDF copies of the poster presentations are also available for those who provided them.

NEWSFARMA Web letters & Interviews

Our media partner NEWSFARMA did a fantastic job of putting together web letters distributed during the symposium. If you missed these, you can access them along with interviews via the below links.


Medico News 1

Medico News 4

Medico News 2

Medico News 5

Medico News 3

Medico News 6

Community Scholarship Report-backs

Below you can view report-backs from some of the community scholarship recipients

Jude Byrne

Ole Jørgen

Camila Fontano Roman

Symposium Photos

Photos of the symposium are available on Flikr.